An exhibition by students from Bergen National Academy of Arts, Dept. of Photography.

Exhibiting artists:

Yannick Willing

Audar Kantun
Elena Talmon
Eivind Egeland
Olivier van Breugel
Marthe Elise Stramrud
Laura Molina Alvarez
Carl-Oskar Linné


Labyrinth 2
by Carl-Oskar Linné.


Labyrinth 2 is a follow up on my first labyrinth where I have changed the format and somewhat the building technique. The labyrinth consists of only one image, repeated about 160 times on the walls. When standing at the top of Rundemanen there is grass your feet and just in front of you there is a steep fall into a lake and beyond there is a view over the city, with its buildings, bridges and structures. Further behind there are more mountains, more nature surrounding the town. It is like the town has been put in between the nature. The image in the labyrinth shows a football field in Norway, where it in a way floats above or in its surrounding and very present nature. The labyrinth was put on top of wooden sticks I put in the ground, like thin poles, making it almost hover above ground. The small scale model of the place made up of the images that the labyrinth creates looks a bit like an architectural model, and I start to link thoughts about architectural ideas and plans in the city below to this model. The dimensions are 70 x 70 cm and the piece was exhibited at Galleri Kronborg in May 2010.

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